Bee Gees Illuminati Symbolism

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As an ex-huge fan of the bee gees, I know very close their music. The cover of the "High Civilization" album is full of Illuminati Symbolism: the ALL SEEING EYE, the Eye of Lucifer/Horus for freemasonry and illuminati.... and references to what I think is the nephilim seed and "illuminati" civilization: In the Back cover of the "Size Isn't everything" album there is twice the "Cross of Lorraine" a satanic symbol wich represent Baphomet, the Satan goat symbol. A satanic symbol used by the satanists. Coincidence in a studio album? Bee Gees music talk about many direct references to the devil (satan/lucifer) in some of their songs, for example: The song "They'll never know" says "You're just a DEVIL in disguise I'll hide it so ,oh They'll never know..." The song "Man On Fire" (Andy Gibb ft. Bee gees) says "I'm a man on fire It's a burning thing It'll burn on forever If you feed me baby I'm a man on fire An eternal flame It'll burn on forever If you feed me baby , oh ......" The song "warm ride" says "We must surrender to the powers that be The ANGEL in you and the DEVIL in me Warm ride , warm ride " The song "Fallen Angel", it's actually from the album "The size isn't everything" . Do you know Satan/Lucifer is the FALLEN ANGEL? "She will sell you Out in the city she search for the face That she knew... Fallen Angel ... Oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh oh oh oh Fallen Angel I'm so lost Tonight, lonely tonight ... FOOL is the Father who clings to the Child he is losing" The song "Country Woman" says " I met you I knew you were the DEVIL's daughter. You came on like a river, doing all the things you oughta. You're a self made woman, baby, not a made-to-order." The song "Woman In You" says "I never knew anyone in between the DEVIL and the angel All in one and maybe old Enough that I can ride Your love let me burn Let me slide down to your soul You can pull me in You can push me out" In the song "Love is thicker than water" they sings "You are this dreamers only dream Heaven's angel, DEVIL's daughter" In the song "Still Waters" they make references to Satan again... "I see the ANGEL and the DEVIL in your heart I confess, either one is my addiction And where you're leading me I don't have the will to fight... Let the "gods" decide who finds the sweetest thrill" In the song "Human Sacrifice" from High Civilization: "DEMON SEEDis sown" while in the cover there's a giant statue and the all seeing eye, the eye of lucifer/horus on Robin's shirt. In the song "Search, Find" from the album "Spitits having flown" they say "No stone unturned, no hell, no fury gonna stop my love and all it's glory, No man, no God, no pain can sever my love for you No stone unturned, no hell, no fury gonna stop my love and all it's glory God, we're forever" still doubting? I think the song "I Surrender" refers to the NEW WORLD ORDER it says: "From the highest tower, I will call you home ... You come to me, CONSPIRACY OF THE NIGHT, The heart that you want just happens to be mine, Thieves in the dark, -you ought to be locked in chains- But you wind up on my side, and what will be will be ... WE ARE ELITE, prisoners of the night, We fight to the finish and savour the delights It's your body that got me beat, and I'm crumbling at your feet I surrender, I surrender" Pray for this guys with me, because I love them although I don't accept what they promote in this songs and album covers. Jesus said the world and its glories will fade, but his words will not pass away (Luke 21:33)

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