Frequently Asked Questions

Get Audio From VideoDo I have to download software to convert videos?

NO! All conversions are 100% online and don't require any software to download. This allows members to login from any computer, any where in the world, to convert their favorite Youtube videos.

Get Audio From VideoHow long does it take to convert Youtube video to an MP3?

This depends on how long the Youtube video is. Most Youtube video clips take on average 20-30 seconds to convert. Please be patient, as larger videos will take longer to convert.

Get Audio From VideoHow many videos can guests convert?

Guest visitors are allowed 1 free conversion, after which they are required to complete a pop-up survey for each following conversion. Guests can utilize the free trial membership to test out before continuing their membership.

Get Audio From VideoHow many videos can members convert?

Members get UNLIMITED conversions with zero pop-up surveys.

Get Audio From VideoWhat payment processor do you use? Is it secure?

We use Paypal as our payment processor due to its industry leading payment system and safeguards that keep your account and information secure. You are protected by Paypal Buyer Protection and can find out more information by clicking here.

Get Audio From VideoIs my personal information protected?

Definitely. We use 2048-bit encryption security on our website so our members' information is always protected. You can verify this by looking at the URL to see the browser URL is https (as opposed to only http) and is therefore utilizing an SSL certificate.

Get Audio From VideoWhat if I don't want my membership anymore? How can I cancel?

Absolutely. We offer a 100% guarantee, you can discontinue your membership at anytime with no obligations and you will never be billed again. If you want to cancel a subscription:

  • Log in to your account and go to your membership page.
  • Under the "Your payment history" area you should see your active subscription.
  • Click the "cancel" button next to the subscription.
  • Follow the instructions in Paypal to cancel.

Get Audio From VideoWhat if I want to restart my membership? Do I have to create another account?

No, simply login to your old account using the same credentials and in the "My Account" section you can select the option to to restart your membership.

Get Audio From VideoWhat sort of quality will the MP3 download be?

Our efficient and industry leading conversion technology ensures the quality is as good as any purchased MP3 audio or MP4/3GP video. We guarantee excellent quality with the highest bit rates possible.