About Us

Mikhail, Roger, and Peter hard at work!

GetAudioFromVideo.com was developed by a small, 3 person team of computer science students who wanted a way to save their favorite Youtube videos and share them with friends and family.

Originally a college side project, once we built this site we realized there was a demand for our service and decided to share our wonderful download and conversion tool with everyone.

We love watching videos online and are always on the lookout to improve GetAudioFromVideo.com and appreciate any comments and feedback from our visitors. Please feel free to contact us about anything at all!

We have decided to keep the monthly membership price of our site as cheap as possible so that everyone can afford the cost. This minimal monthly fee helps us pay server and hosting costs so we can continue to operate GetAudioFromVideo.com.

We hope you enjoy converting videos on our website!
-The GetAudioFromVideo.com Development Team